Achieving Oneness With Higher Soul


Achieving Oneness With Higher Soul

Experience oneness with The Soul, The Higher Self

Basic Pranic Healing Navonmeshi

The purpose of this course is to realize that you, the incarnated soul, are one with your Higher Soul. The purpose of yoga is union with your Higher Soul and union with all souls

Grand Master Choa Kok Sui (GMCKS)

Ancient meditations were kept secret from the public for many centuries. In this course, you will learn techniques which will help the incarnated soul to achieve oneness with your higher soul. Incarnated soul is also referred as personality or lower self and the higher soul is also referred as higher self.

The Achieving Oneness with the Higher Soul course also teaches us the true nature of ourselves, our Higher Soul and the divinity within us, and how to unite with them. Many esoteric secrets are revealed for the first time in this course. This phenomenon is known as "Soul-Realization", "Enlightenment" or "Self-Realization".

There are different stages of soul realization. The first stage in soul realization involves the intellectual understanding that you are the soul, a spiritual being of divine intelligence, love and power. You are not the physical body, not the thoughts nor the emotions and not even the mind. The thoughts and emotions are products of the soul, just as the carpenter is not the furniture. The mind is just a subtle instrument of the soul, just as the computer is your instrument.

The Higher Soul is a seed of God's Divinity within all of us. Through the Higher Soul, we are made in the Image of God! Being One with our Higher Soul, we become One with the "I AM", the Christ, the Buddha, the Shiva, the Krishna Nature within all of us.

What will you learn?

 Many Secret Teachings
Ancient secrets about the Soul which were kept hidden for a long long time.

 Anatomy of the Soul
Just like the Physical Body, soul also has its own Anatomy. 

 The 12th Chakra
Many books only talk about 7 Chakras in Pranic Healing you learn about 11 Chakras and in this course you will learn about the 12th Chakra.

 Secrets of Sutratma or Silver Cords
Many books use this word but what actually it means to what it as actually being addressed to is not defined. It will open whole new doors for you.

 Meditation on Higher Soul
You will learn a very powerful meditation which develops your connection to higher soul and also it develops certain powerful qualities in you.

 Clearer understanding of who am I ?
Looking for "who am I"? or who you are looking for? but you don't know the answers, then this course will give directions to your journey.

 Difference between Atma and Param-atma
You will learn the exact meaning and difference between Atma, Param-atma and Sutratma, their function and anatomy. These abstract words will become powerful & concrete knowledge for you.

Course Duration
2 days
Course Fees

Note: MCKS Achieving Oneness with the Higher Soul course can be thought to non Pranic Healers however taking MCKS Basic Pranic Healing, MCKS Advanced Pranic Healing and MCKS Pranic Psychotherapy before attending this course is highly recommended. MCKS Achieving oneness with the higher soul course is also known as MCKS Arhatic Yoga Preparatory Level one. The courses should be taken in order since each level prepares the base for the later. The instructor himself along with the students practices the techniques while teaching. After every course an internationally accepted attendance certificate is given by Master Choa Kok Sui’s Institute for Inner Studies or World Pranic Healing Foundation.